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Rudrakshas are the beads from trees belonging to elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb variety grown at select locations of southeas tasia, rudraksha trees have interesting features . the leaves are like mango tree, seriated and petiolate. Flowers are hermaphrodite and measure about 12mm in diameter and white in colour. About 300 species of elaeocarpus have been reported so far out of which 35 are found in india. In the india sub-continent these trees are found mainly in Nepal, assam, arunachal, and near dehradun. Rudraksha is specially identified as the ganitrus roxb rudraksha trees grow to a height of 60to 80 feet.

Every Rudraksha has cells or mukhis which differin numbers a facet is a line or a groove which runs from one end of Rudraksha to the other end. Higher mukhi rudrakha from 15to 27 mukhis have also been found and in later centuries. There are other rudraksha like gauri Shankar (two rudraksha naturally joined on the tree) ganesha (a rudraksha having trunk like protrusion on its body) Rudraksha are available in different sizes. The auspicious and effective ones are those which are largerin size (15mm and above) and havenatural hole in it.It literally means having eyes of lord shiva or produced from the eye of lord shivaor the one having rudra all over it. Rudra and aksha thus merge to create rudraksha a power bead dear to lord shiva. Srimad dev i bhagwat says that one is benefited by simply looking at or touching a rudraksha. Many examples prove the splendor and power of Rudraksha. In England paul hume in his celebrated study has concluded that nothing is imposible with rudraksha. Elsewhere in the world its therapeutic effects are known to cure diseases like cancer and ease personal traumas.

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